Emergency Response

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Our EMS App, the life saving smart phone app, can immediately inform you of emergencies occurring in your community & Surrounds and you can request help when emergency response is needed nearby.

About our EMS App

Direct alerts mean faster response times with live updates of responders, so you know that help really is on the way.

In addition you can be notified of significant events that may impact you and your family. These informational notifications provide an early heads-up to local emergencies.

Our BITLOGIQ EMS App has been designed with peace of mind , and easy accessibility. 

  1. In an emergency, open the app: BITLOGIQ EMS recognises your location , and has all your details on hand.
  2. Request an emergency by pressing the appropriate key.
  3. Your request and position will be transmitted so emergency services can find you.
  4. Updates will be frequently sent to your phone to keep you informed.

Customized to be Rebranded

OTP ( One Time Pin ) Authenticated

Web Based User Managmenent

Designed for Easy Accessibility

Client In-App Emergency Services

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